Comprehensive guide to life at the University of Toronto Mississauga


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POSt (Program of Study)

Okay.. how do I graduate?

Extra things you should know

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: CS Edition

Also, people often ask about what laptop they should get for uni. I highly suggest the Lenovo Flex 14 with AMD ryzen CPU. It’s a (pretty) cheap device that lets you write on it with a pen, has more than enough power for 99% of anything you can throw at it, and is a solidly built laptop (made out of metal)

You don’t need to drop $4k on a MacBook Pro


Here are common alternate majors to consider that pair well with a CS major or minor:

Applied Statistics

Communication, Culture Information and Technology (CCIT)


Geographical Information Systems (GIS)


Professional Writing and Communication

Pro tip, if you are doing CS Specialist, you can also do a stats minor at the same time cause a lot of the requirements overlap and you end up with more knowledge and a stronger position out of uni.

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