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Advice for Life Sci First Years

100/200 Bird Courses (UTSG focus)

Shout out to everyone who gave feedback on the original article, and suggested changes such as Kana and phoenixgaruda!


You’ve applied for your program of choice, received a letter of admission, and…

Brief introduction — Hi I’m Jarrod, I’m a 4th Year CS Specialist at UTM, currently on my co-op year, and I’ve TAed a bunch of courses (CSC108, CSC148, CSC301).

This article was written with the help of Naaz Sibia and Akira Takaki, who provided amazing insight on CSC148 and mathematics…


Note: This article is a collaborative project done by all the TAs at the UTM White Van Discord ( Thank you Georges for proofreading, Paul & Akira for providing insight as math TAs, and everyone else for helping out!


TAs are an integral part of your university career — they…

Brief introduction: Hi I’m Jarrod. I just finished up my third year at the University of Toronto Mississauga in CS. I got an internship outside of PEY and one through PEY, so I hope that this guide will help out everyone considering it or planning on taking a PEY.


Jarrod Servilla

4th Year CS @ UofT |

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